New command for IM/Email: @get

August 30, 2008

We’ve put in a new command for IM/Email. @get # allows you to get the last # of messages (default is 1). This is for people who may have missed messages, but don’t want to go to the web to see what they missed.


July 16, 2008

Update: This has now been resolved.  SMS functionality is now restored

Some of you may have been experiencing issues with our SMS system. We are working hard to resolve it, and are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Jabber-only authorization

June 30, 2008

Some of you have pointed out that you can’t authorize your jabber contacts because they don’t have an e-mail address associated with the contact (e.g. accounts).

We have now enabled jabber authorization requests, so if you previously tried to add a jabber contact to your account, simply remove it and try again.  You should get a message from one of the group bots you’re part of.  However, this means that your jabber contact list must already contain at least one Chatterous bot.  If you don’t have any Chatterous bots on your contact list yet, simply add one of the bots of the groups you’re part of and send the passcode.  We’re currently working on removing this limitation.

New aggregation scheme for email

June 30, 2008

We have deployed a new aggregation scheme for email that should make it a bit less spammy.

The scheme works as follows, you will get an email from a group after 5 minutes.  If you do not reply to that email, the next email will come after 10 minutes.  If you don’t reply once again, you will get the next email after 20 minutes, then 40 minutes, etc, doubling until it hits 6 hours.

If you reply to an email, it will reset back down to 5 minutes.  It’s sort of like an exponential back-off scheme.  The rationale for doing this is to allow people to converse with a group, while reducing the spammy-ness of groups you only want to observe.

Your feedback on this scheme would be much appreciated.

Some tweaks

June 6, 2008

We’ve made a few tiny user interface changes to make Chatterous a bit easier to use. If you’re chatting via the web interface please refresh your browsers/clear your cache 🙂

Slight downtime at Chatterous today

May 26, 2008

We were down for a little bit today when a large number of people joined iJustine’s chat group.  This made us realize that we hadn’t optimized our DB for the types of queries being run on the system and we could do a lot better in terms of caching.  So, that’s what we did, fixed our DB settings and put in some caching.  Everything’s up and running now, but we’ll be looking into other optimizations that will allow us to further scale without getting more hardware. 🙂

Thanks to iJustine for bringing this stuff to our attention. 😉

One-click group invite links

April 15, 2008

Before, if you wanted to join a group from the web you had to navigate to the group url and enter a passcode. We figured that if you already knew the passcode you shouldn’t have to go through two steps to join the group.

If you know the group passcode and group shortname, simply navigate to<shortname>/<passcode>/
to auto-join a group.

We also show you the one-click invite link when you click on the “add your friends” button on a group page.

Profile pages!

April 13, 2008

If you refresh your browser cache you’ll see that every registered Chatterous user now has a simple profile. On a profile page you can:

  • See which groups you or your friends are a part of
  • See how active groups are
  • Manage your own membership in these groups

Contact imports from hotmail/yahoo/aol/gmail

April 8, 2008

In addition to manually inviting friends to a group and telling them how to join via sms/gtalk/email/web we’ve added the ability to import webmail contacts – hooray! 

OMG! Buttons!

March 29, 2008

For you iPhone users – we added a “send” button to the chatterous website chat window so that you can send messages from your phone!