Major Release

We’re excited to announce a major release of Chatterous. We’ve been listening to your suggestions and ideas over the past few months and have incorporated much of it into the new version. We’d love to hear any feedback you have over in our General Chat group:

Here are some of the new things you’ll see at

Brand new web interface

We’ve completely redesigned the Chatterous user interface – it’s got an entirely new look and paves the way for us to introduce plenty of new features in the upcoming weeks and months. Some aesthetic improvements are:

  • Completely liquid group chat windows that automatically resize to the size of your window.
  • Ability to chat in multiple groups at once with our new tabbed interface – you’ll receive bubble notifications when you have unread messages.
  • Ability to fill out more information with user bios and group descriptions.

Group permissions

You now have the ability to set admins as well as send, add and kick abilities. This can be used for greater control over your group and can create interesting group dynamics. For example, create a group where only you can send and you’ve got a broadcast only list.

Public and private groups

You can now create both public and private groups. Private groups are protected with a passcode and require an invitation to join, and are great for groups of friends and people you already know. Public groups are listed in our group directory and have guest access (anyone can join).

Group directory and search

Public groups are listed in our brand new directory – people can now browse and search for interesting groups!

Message history search

Group message history can now be searched via the group web page.

Group-specific contacts

Ever wanted to get SMS messages from one group and instant messages from another? You now have the ability to adjust how you receive messages on a per-group messages. Simply navigate to the group settings page to change how you are contacted!

We hope you like what we’ve built – stay tuned for more soon 😉

*EDIT* Please clear your browser cache before viewing the site so that the CSS/Javascript works properly.

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